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When people depend on you, insurance provides peace of mind. One of the most rewarding things
we do is put plans in place to protect your family in the event of the worst-case scenarios.


Income Protection & Disability Insurance

During your working years, your most valuable asset is your current and future ability to earn a living.  

Most people don’t know that they’re four times more likely to become sick or injured, and unable to work for an extended period of time than  they are to die during the course of their career.

Both have a similar financial impact on the ability provide income, but being faced with an illness or injury may cause greater financial stress  due to the cost of appropriate medical care.

A solid income protection plan, anchored by an affordable disability insurance policy is vital to protecting your family.

Schedule a consultation to discuss the options that could give you peace of mind.


Life Insurance

A financial plan is not complete without considering how to care for your family in the event that you were taken from them, ensuring that their quality of life and opportunities don’t suffer as a result.

Each individual and family has widely varying life insurance needs that change with time – this protection can and should be affordable, and our job is to help you make informed decisions for you and the people who count on you.

Give us a call or set up a visit to our office to discuss your current coverage, what makes sense for your circumstances and how much it should cost.


Long Term Care

Apart from taxes, the largest cost most people face in retirement is medical care – you need a plan to cover what Medicare doesn’t.

We strongly believe in making plans for this phase of life to prevent the impact on savings that medical needs can have, protecting the quality of life for you, your kids and surviving spouses.

In recent years, insurance companies recognized changing consumer needs and developed new strategies, radically changing the design of this coverage. Guaranteed premiums, benefits that last forever and a death benefit for beneficiaries are a few features that exist in the plans we love.

You can even pay for these plans with a one-time lump sum, and never have to worry about it again.

We’d be happy to evaluate your long-term care options and help you develop a plan that suits your needs. Click here to schedule an introductory consultation, or call us at 720-504-4091.