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“Wealth is a planned result that requires productive
work and dedication.” - H.W. Charles

Super-ROTH Strategy

Super-Roth Strategy

Contributing to a ROTH IRA can be a great strategy to save for retirement, but there are restrictions that limit its effectiveness, such as contribution limits, income caps and early withdrawal penalties.

With the strategy we call the “Super Roth”, you get many of the same benefits of a traditional ROTH but without the limitations. 

Learn more about how to round out your retirement plan with tax-free assets.

Tax Strategies for a Smarter Retirement

Tax Strategies for a Smarter Retirement

If you’re an investor, chances are your portfolio is market-diversified. But is it tax-diversified

Your retirement probably depends more on the latter than the former, but you have to get started early.

During retirement, your largest bill won’t be food, housing, or even health care (that’s your second largest). Without wise planning, your largest bill (by far) will be taxes.

We have all been told that we’ll save taxes by investing in our IRA’s…but what they don’t tell you is that in retirement EVERY DOLLAR will be taxed in full. When you’re on a fixed income in retirement, you want as much control as you can get over how much tax you pay.

By carefully crafting your portfolio to include all kinds of tax situations, we can help give you the ability to live the lifestyle you want in retirement.

We consider our clients’ current and future potential tax situations, and work with their tax advisors to make sure we are putting the best plan in place. The earlier you start planning, the easier it is to be tax diversified – contact our office to get started!

Highly Efficient Investing

Highly Efficient Investing

According to Statista, for the past 25 years, over 40% of households in the United States have owned mutual funds.  The main concept of these funds is spreading investments across various assets to smooth out risk over time.

But as many people find, while these funds can be effective at neutralizing risk potential, they also come with costs that limit opportunity for growth in their accounts.  Forbes Magazine estimated in 2011 that costs, taxes, and inefficiencies in mutual funds contribute to a decreased growth of 2.5% to 3% annually. This can result in a 50% lower return over just 10 years!

We are passionate about cost-efficient, tax-efficient investing.  We are among the few advisors that offer a system known as Separately Managed Accounts (SMA).  This strategy has been used by pensions and millionaires for decades, but we can now make it available to people with much lower investment minimums. 

Some key distinctions between these strategies:

The result? More control, transparency, lower fees all adding up to increased performance without additional risk.

Our team uses a proprietary audit program to examine portfolios for efficiency.  If you’d like to “pop the hood” on your investment portfolio and see whether an SMA plan would improve your performance, schedule an initial consultation, to learn more about our account analysis service that we offer our clients.